Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Views of Italy: The Vatican

Kidd probably won't get anywhere near Vatican City in the sequel to my novel Number 181 that I'm working on. But, that doesn't mean I shouldn't. I spent the morning on the excavation tour leading through the original necropolis two levels below the floor of what is now St. Peter's Basilica. MOST impressive. Seeing the burial site and remains of St Peter was humbling and inspiring. My past studies in history took it to a new level as I heard about the digs that occurred during World War II.

Walking through the Basilica itself was awe-inspiring. The scale is immense and the history overwhelming. Understanding how the golden age of Rome and the subsequent Dark Ages led to the Reformation and Renaissance are keys to understanding our present and future.

The view from the copula was spectacular and is one of the few things I recall from my childhood visit here. Whether you share the faith or not, the city-state is not-to-be-missed.
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