Saturday, February 11, 2012

Views of Italy: Venice

As Carnivale di Venezia descended on the canal-laden city, so did I. Vendors were setting up their shops, and thunderous music boomed down the narrow, walled waterways. Visitors were all a twitter.

I was cold.

Temperatures dipped into the teens as cool seabreezes bellowed in off the water. The sites were beautiful, though we had been warned the canals themselves may have been frozen over. No such luck, however.

The Piazza San Marco was full of revelers and tourists, and I'm glad we decided to take the day trip from Florence to see the rival city. I took some great pictures (I'll put together something soon... Those attached to the blogs are from my phone) and toured the Museo Correr and Doge's Palace, a most interesting walk through princely grandeur and prisoner's pain.

Though I had visited the piazza over twenty years ago, I had few memories of it (save a 10 year old's constant need for fastfood... Never did find that Wendy's).

Venice is certainly worth the trip, a destination for both the architecturally and historically inclined, as well as the photographers of the world.
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  1. Ok, so what you're saying is that it doesn't suck. Yes?

    1. Absolutely not. When I visited 10 years ago, the canals were full of trash. It was the first thing brought up by most visitors, and city officials apparently took note. They've cleaned it up, and it's a great trip.